I Sea Pasta – No You Don’t – It’s Seaweed!

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At first it looks like dried whole pasta, but the truth is that you are in fact looking at seaweed that looks like tagliatelle. Seamore ‘I Sea Pasta’ is harvested off the coast of Ireland, dried and packaged ready for consumption.
Seaweed actually isn’t a plant but an algae, which has existed for over 500 million years. It is full of nutrients, high in antioxidants and minerals, and low in calories with just 38 calories per 100g cooked.
SEAWEED SEAMORE COOKEDJust soak ‘I Sea Pasta’ for a little while then cook for 15-20 minutes. You can experiment with different soaking times to produce more or less flavour. 20g of dried pasta makes 100g cooked. Simply replace traditional pasta with ‘I Sea Pasta’ to create tasty carbonara, arrabiata or bolognese. You can even use it in salads, quiches, curries, soups and deserts. In fact you can mix it with pretty much anything.
The global population is set to soar to over 9 billion people by 2050 and there simply isn’t enough land to harvest all of the world’s produce. We know seaweed promotes sustainability because it doesn’t require fertilizers and gets its water direct from the sea. Additionally Seamore only harvest 15% crop at a time, allowing the remainder grows back truly sustainable.
Seaweed is nothing new, but the way we eat it is. Seamore has just launched in the UK and is organic, vegan, sustainable and gluten free. Seamore ‘I Sea Pasta’ costs £5.49 for 100g at Whole Foods Market.

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