Indulge Your Chocolate Senses With Lindt

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Lindt and Lindor are famous brands known for producing sumptuous chocolate worldwide, whether it be plain bars or luxurious truffles, dark or white. Whatever style of chocolate you eat you can be sure you’ll be indulging all your five senses.


New from the Lindt Excellence Range,  Dark Strawberry Intense combines Lindt’s dark chocolate with the sweetness of luscious strawberry pieces.

Dark Blueberry Intense delights your tastebuds with the combination of dark chocolate tempered by rich blueberry pieces and almond shards to expand your dreaminess. Both Dark Strawberry and Dark Blueberry are available as 100g bars from all good supermarkets.


LINDORFrom the Lindor Cornet Range find Caramel Milk Cornet – enticing truffles of smooth milk chocolate over a smoother delectable caramel centre that melts in the mouth. Very difficult to put down! 

Last but not least is the limited edition Coconut Cornet – delicately wrapped truffles of smooth milk chocolate that give way to a soft white coconut centre. Full on summer indulgence! Both the above are available in generous 200g boxes from all good supermarkets.

Lindt Facts  Since 1845, Lindt and its team of master chocolatiers has dedicated itself to providing some of the world’s finest chocolates. It all started when David Sprungli Schwarz and his son (also a confectioner) opened a small shop in Zurich. At that time chocolate was only known in drink form, however father and son developed further the bar form that was already known in Italy.

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