Frankie & Benny’s Diner – Where Traditional Italian Meets American Cuisine

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Frankie and Benny’s is truly a marriage of Italian and America eating. Rumour has it that Italian Frankie Giuliani family left their homeland in 1924 for New York, and found themselves living in an area dominated by Italians. This inspired them, especially Mama Giuliani, to bring a little taste of home cooking to the locals, and before long they opened a restaurant there. Frankie also made friends with Benny, another boy in the local school who would be useful to him later on.  When Frankie’s parents retired in 1953, Benny joined Frankie in growing the menu range and continuing the tradition started by his parents.

Today Frankie and Benny’s has branches worldwide. The chain sells everything from juicy American style burgers and fries, to a little of Italy – pizzas, gnocchi bakes and fresh salads. Like many conscientious companies Frankie and Benny’s is involved in charity efforts – for instance raising money for the children’s hospices in Scotland, and donating 1p from every pint of beer sold to Children in Need.

The restaurant chain has six standard menus including the Breakfast menu and Specials menu. The Specials menu is offered all day from Sunday to Friday and has something for meat eaters and vegetarian alike. We enjoyed Crab Bruschetta, Cajun Mushroom Pizza, Chicken & Bacon Ranch Salad, House Fries, Banoffee Brownie. A two-course meal is just £10.95, with dessert adding £2.25 extra. Portions are generous, so be warned!

Frankie’s Sauvignon Blanc complimented our meal with its crisp hints of grapefruit and melon, and long finish.

The Whitehall branch of Frankie and Benny’s is located just off Trafalgar Square, is very central and easy to reach, not far from West End theatre areas and Oxford Street. This smaller restaurant is a 40 seat establishment with a mix of tables for two, four and eight.

Visit Little Frankie’s at 7 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DD. Telephone 020 7389 3880. No need to book – just turn up!

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9.00 – 23.00 Sunday: 9:00 – 22:30.

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