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The Inner Circle is an exclusive community founded in 2013 to help single professionals meet each other in glamorous environments. These professionals, the majority of whom hold bachelors degrees and higher, demand the best when meeting prospective partners. That is why The Inner Circle screens candidates for suitability before signing them up. Screening may include confirming identities via the electoral register, employment details, financial health assessments, marital and family status checks. This strict regime eliminates nasty surprises in the dating process, for example you wouldn’t want to discover after months together that your new partner is actually married, would you?

Inner Circle Dating Browser Snapshot

Inner Circle Dating Browser Snapshot

With two 2014 awards for Best Newcomer Website and Best London Dating Event, The Inner Circle Dating comes highly recommended, just ask the 10,000 approved members in London and 60,000 internationally. Additionally the recently launched The Inner Circle App for Apple Watch makes potential romance even easier. “All eyes are on Apple Watch and we’re excited to offer an app that can make you fall in love, at a glance,” said David Vermeulen, co-founder of The Inner Circle. The app, themed as a cross between Made in Chelsea and Tinder features ‘Trips’ and ‘Nearby’ modalities so members can meet internationally and locally via an ‘anonymous’ platform until they are more familiar with each other.

Simply Woman enjoyed mingling with around 150 hip creatives and high flyers at this month’s event at Black Dice Bar, Piccadilly. Given the ambience and the bar’s price tag, it’s easy to see why the elite and others who share similar tastes favour settings like this. Previous meeting venues have included Barts in Chelsea and Whisky Mist in Mayfair.

See the current calendar of events and more Inner Circle Dating Logohere. The Inner Circle is also on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Membership is by referral or invitation only. For joining fees and packages enquire within.

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