Is your bag giving you a bad back? How to downsize

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Take the average female bag.  In the mid 90’s it weighed on average 3.4kg  Now it weighs 1.5kg.  This is mainly due to the blackberry, kindle and other space saving devices but the trend is set to continue.  But some bags can weigh up to 3kg even with nothing in them….

Why is a heavy bag bad for your back?

The average woman still carrys around in her bag; books, magazines, brushes, perfume, keys, tubemap, deodorant, pills and lipsalve.  She is also likely to carry a SECOND bag with all her Zumba kit in it!

The British Chiropractic Association warn that “heavy big bags can cause neck and shoulder strain as well as the long term effects on posture”

What’s the alternative?


Have a clear-out

Get rid of all the old receipts, discarded earrings, 5 various lip glosses and dog eared books that have accumulated over the months/years since you got your bag.  Make a point of doing this regularly, although if you have a smaller bag you will need to do it as routine!

Downsize some items

Perfume is a perfect one.  Carting around 30, 50 or even 100ml bottles will add a huge weight to your bag and can very easily be downsized.  Many perfume brands make 8ml sized bottles or like these from QVC, 10ml rollerball applicators.  Even grab a few samples next time you buy your favourite – they do have them – you just need to ask.  Even better is this fantastic double ended kit of lip gloss and fragrance from Philosophy!

Philosophy Grace Gloss/Perfume Philosophy Bobbi Brown Palette

Do you really need a makeup bag the size of the one you would take on holiday?  Try this amazing pallete from Bobbi Brown – with eyes, lips, cheeks in one handy box with a mirror – it’s really all you need.  If your foundation and eyeshadow doesn’t last the day – I suggest you find a new brand.

Go techno

If you haven’t embraced the smartphone revolution (only 30% of mobile phone users have them) then instead of carrying an address book, calender, filofax and/or laptop – get a smartphone.  Blackberries are great for work, Apple is perfect for every facet of life and HTC’s are the affordable version of an Iphone and are often given away free on contracts.

Get a smaller bag

Take a tip from Ryanair and set yourself a baggage limit!  Invest in a really fantastic but smaller bag – ensure it fits your absolute basics in – phone, purse, keys and a few luxuries such as perfume mini, touch eclat, mirror so that you are not able to cram useless bits and pieces in!

I’m currently using this beautiful woven Furla bag available from QVC.  It’s just enough for me and I can slip it into my gym bag to save carrying them both home!

Furla Woven Bag - QVC


Get a more supportive bag

If you are determined to carry the kitchen sink, at least get a bag that is more supportive to your posture Messenger Bag, qvc

There are lots more messenger type bags and small shoulder handbags available at QVC in a wide range of great and stylish colours.

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