Keeping Your Skin Healthy During the Christmas Party Season

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Alcohol, late nights and junk food; it’s easy to see why Christmas party season can take such a toll on not only your waistline but your skin as well. However, it’s hard to avoid the festive cheer, and nobody wants to miss out on fun nights out just because they’re looking tired and stressed. Here are some ways to minimise the damage without suffering FOMO. 

Drink a lot… of water

Mulled wine, cocktails and prosecco; there are many reasons to raise a glass during the festive season, but the toxins in alcohol can deprive your skin of water and oxygen, meaning your skin can look dull, blotchy and tired. You can avoid this by:

  • Drinking plenty of water before and after nights out
  • Alternating alcoholic drinks with water
  • Avoiding long, drawn out drinking sessions
  • Having days off from drinking so you can detox

Best of all, drinking water can help prevent a hangover, so you’ll wake up feeling better the morning after a party. 

Get a seasonal skincare routine

It’s important to regularly review your skincare routine, especially as the seasons change. The cold weather around Christmas and New Year can also contribute to dry, dull skin, so choose cosmeceutical skin care by Osmosis Beauty to help with specific complaints. Moisturising is particularly important, as is exfoliating to get rid of dead skin. A decent serum is also vital for those who want to give their skin a healthy glow at this time of year.

Book a night off

There’s so much going on during the Christmas period, that it’s hard to turn things down. Whether it’s a work party, drinks with your friends, or yet another get-together with extended family, you’ll soon find your calendar filling up. However, rest is important, too, and people will still be there in the New Year. Prioritise your social events and schedule catch-ups in January instead so that you can get a decent night’s sleep in December. 

Eat less sugar

When you’re tired and stressed by the whirlwind of festive events, it’s natural to want to grab quick fixes like sugary snacks. However, sugar can affect your skin in many negative ways. It can not only cause hormonal imbalances that cause spots and blemishes, but it can also speed up ageing, giving you wrinkles over time. You should learn the sugar content of your favourite Christmas treats, then aim to stay within your daily allowable intake of 25g for women. 

Treat yourself at the spa

Instead of treating yourself to sugary snacks and alcohol, save your cash and head to a local spa or beautician. Having a skin-boosting treatment such as a facial can help you to de-stress and give your skin a break. 

The Christmas season is a time of over-indulgence, but you can balance having a good time and looking after your skin. By taking a little time to yourself and having some great skincare products to hand, you can avoid the seasonal dullness and breakouts that often become apparent in the New Year. 

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