3 Reasons Why You Should Take Care of your Eyelashes

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Caring for your eyelashes is an excellent way to enhance your beauty. However, not everyone knows why it is so important to give your lashes a little extra care. Whether you layer your lashes with generous coats of mascara, or prefer to embrace a nude eye look, there are a number of tips and tricks that can help you to understand the importance of looking after your lashes.

Let’s discover 3 reasons why caring for your eyelashes can overhaul your beauty regime.

Eyelashes Protect Your Eyes

Although during the evolutionary process humans have lost large amounts of facial hair, it is our eyebrows and eyelashes that have stood the test of time. Consequently, the main function of your lashes is to protect your eyes from dust and debris as well as sweat and moisture. Harmful particles such as flying insects can cause irritation or injury if they manage to get caught in your eyes and so eyelashes act as a protective barrier. Furthermore, scientists also suspect that lashes can shield your eyes from sunlight and harmful UV rays.

One of the most important things to remember about eyelashes is that they are hair. Just like you take time to regularly maintain the hair on your head, your eyelashes should be treated with a similar amount of respect. Did you know that at any given time, approximately 90 percent of your eyelashes are actively growing? Although your lashes are supposed to fall out regularly, taking steps to enhance their growth can have benefits for your overall eye health.

Looking After Your Lashes Can Enhance Your Makeup

If the eyes are our windows to the world, it can make sense to think of your eyelashes as a pair of curtains. Therefore, if you like to draw attention to your lashes with generous coats of mascara, taking time to care for them appropriately can make applying your makeup quicker and more effective. Start by cleaning your eyelashes daily using safe products designed for eye care. Additionally, eyelash curlers are an excellent tool for boosting your natural lashes, but it is important to be careful to use them gently.

Furthermore, if you want to achieve longer, thicker, and healthier natural lashes without resorting to eyelash extensions, you might also want to do some research into some of the popular serums and conditioners out there. You can find a variety of eyelash growth serum options in drug stores and online. Just remember to always review the ingredients listed and aim to do a patch test beforehand.

Your Eyes Say a Lot About Your Health

Underlying health conditions can often manifest in painful and embarrassing symptoms that become apparent in and around the eye area. It is important that you are familiar with what good eye health looks and feels like so that if you notice any issues, you can plan your next steps and seek help if necessary. Problematic health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure can all be identified by eye tests, so maintaining your eye health is essential.

There are a number of issues that can involve your eyelashes. Because the primary function of our lashes is to keep foreign bodies out, if you identify any issues it is strongly recommended that these are dealt with swiftly to avoid any potential long-term damage. Treatment for eyelash problems is typically straightforward and effective through a course of medicines or in some cases, a surgical procedure could be necessary.

Ultimately, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your eyelashes healthy. Above all, be gentle when taking care of your lashes, clean your eyes carefully and regularly, and only use products that are safe to be used in the eye area.

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