Late Autumn To Pre Christmas Wines – Big, Bold and Red

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Though it’s supposed to be winter we are experiencing spells of mild weather, plus the leaves are still turning brown. To that end here’s our late, laaaaate selection of autumn to pre-Christmas wines featuring palates from young and lively to seasoned.  

First off are two tipples made from the Gamay grapes of the Beaujolais region in Burgundy, France.

Maison Dominique Piron Chenas 2016, 13% abv

Appellation Dominique Protégée with light spice notes that still allows a heart of red fruits to breathe. Slips down smoothly for a satisfying, spirited finish. Light on tannins. £14.49 per bottle.

Maison Dominique Piron Fleurie 2018, 13% abv

This is an Appellation Fleurie Protégée from the Beaujolais region. Easy to drink and recommended drunk within a year of purchase. Find lively red berry and plum notes that dance on the tongue in this medium bodied tipple. £14.49 per bottle.

If neither of the above appeals, why not try a classic Merlot, for a wine that tastes exactly like the actual grape?

Vincent and Arthur Merlot 2017, 13% abv

We found this wine spicy with aromatic overtones that embody plum and red berries. A short finish halts this medium bodied offering. £9.99 per bottle.

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Author’s note on featured image: these wines pair well with salted caramel cheesecake and mince pies. Marks & Spencer’s cheesecake comes with an island of caramel fudge topped with chocolate covered malt balls. Definitely flavoursome, though the ‘cake’ part is softer in texture than expected. The all-butter shortcrust mince pie has a firm texture and the filling is not overly sweet.

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