Lay On The Love This Valentine With SpeedDater

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Valentine can be a tough time for singletons all over the world. Culture and media hype has us believe that we’re supposed to be coupled up, and that failure to do so year on year spells…well, failure as a person. For the creative among us, sending self addressed cards, flowers or other gifts to the office so as not to feel ‘like a saddo’ or ‘left out’ (it does happen!) only alleviates misery temporarily, until you come crashing down when reality hits that you’re still single. Or you might be tempted to hire a boyfriend/ suitor to appease friends and family at a pertinent social gathering. In rom-coms this is common – the difference is, cupid’s well-placed arrow guarantees the unlikely charlatans, er, couple, will splice together in blissful harmony by the end of the show. Ahhhh. In real life, however, this’ll likely backfire big time. So let’s bin fantasy and get real.

If you’re single this Valentine, and don’t want to be, why not try an event hosted by SpeedDater who are the UK’s No.1 dating company? They’ve more events running per week than any similar company, so when mixing and mingling, you’ll hopefully be closer to finding that special someone you want to see again. People partner through all sorts of ventures so it’s good to be open minded. Checkout Valentines Ice Skating, the Giant Valentines Speed Dating Event or the Massive London Valentines Party where up to 400 romantically charged folk are expected. Simply Woman’s intrepid investigator will be attending one or more of these events, so look out for our post Valentine feedback! And ladies, tell your male friends as male spots usually sell out last. If you don’t make it this time round, keep an eye on SpeedDater’s website for other great events.

Visit for more events and booking information.

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