New Year, New Romantic You!

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Christmas and the holidays can leave some singletons feeling lonely or downhearted about their lovelife, or lack of it. Let’s face it, it’s not easy seeing other couples hand in hand all around you, or snuggling up together to keep warm, or overhearing them making plans for the New Year. It can be especially painful doing the rounds at obligatory parties, refusing invites just because you’d be attending single – again.

Well, even if you’ve been recently dumped and your ‘other half’ has moved on, fret not because SpeedDater offer parties and events aimed at singletons, yes, even for New Year. These parties bring likeminded people together, the dress code is informal, and the crowd is friendly so it’s easy to break the ice. A New Year’s Eve party such as offered by SpeedDater could be just the boost your dating morale needs, and last time we checked there’s still tickets for ladies – discounted too!

SpeedDater notice a boom in their online dating and event attendance activity throughout January as singles become more proactive and determined to turn their dating drought around by meeting new people. So for those wanting to take charge of their love life SpeedDater could be a good place to start. New Year always signals change and opportunity for growth. Make it a romantic one.

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