Date night dilemmas – For better or for worse?

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When wining and dining your loved one, is your attention drawn to their eyes or what’s on their plate? It appears love is now on the menu, as new research by Tenderstem ® has revealed that 55% of people are eating healthier because their partner does, while an additional 39% of women are encouraged to try more things. So are we adopting our partners’ eating habits?


While it can only be a good thing that your partner encourages healthy eating, can we really trust that they’re steering us in the right direction? Apparently not, as the research also reveals that despite 67% claiming they know the ‘obvious’ recommended portion size, over half were unable to identify the correct portion when put to the test.


Furthermore, Brits are struggling with the all-important ‘five-a-day’ equation, with 42% of women worrying their partner doesn’t get their recommended amount of fruit and vegetables a day, although just a quarter of men fear the same for their partners.


In this video, the team took to the streets to speak to Brits about all the foods they’re summer-loving or summer-loathing with their partners and to find out who actually wears the trousers in the kitchen.


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