Learn to speak Barkcode with WhatsYapp

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Fetch.co.uk, the online pet store opens its Petnology Centre today, dedicated to developing the future of technology for pets. The centre’s purpose is to help pet owners care for their pets and build a better understanding of their needs through inventions using cutting-edge technology

Britain’s leading centre for pet technology

Fetch believes all pets should be equal to their owners and whilst there have been some advancements in technology in the pet industry, there is still so much to discover.

Expert innovators have been working alongside Fetch’s in-house team to produce three initial concepts. Each concept had to follow certain criteria to be considered:


  • It must connect pets with their owners to create deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Use technology effectively to make caring for animals easier
  • Be totally unique to anything else available to customers


Rachel Comerford, Head of Commercial at Fetch commented: ‘The Fetch team are incredibly passionate about pets and technology. We challenged them to come up with solutions to everyday concerns we see from pet owners. The ideas were fantastic and the Petnology Centre was created.’


From a long list, the ideas were eventually whittled down to:

    • WhatsYapp:The world’s most advanced communications system between pooches and their pals. It works by analysing your dog’s sounds, movements and activities through a smart collar that talks to WhatsYapp on your phone and lets you know what your dog is thinking.
    • CatQuest:An interactive 3D projection gamestation for cats which can be activated remotely via an app, turning your home into a play centre for cats.
    • PetPounds: PetPounds uses SmartBand technology to encourage children to play with their pets to earn rewards. By walking, running or playing with pets, children can earn vouchers, days out or time credit on mobile devices. Simply put – the more responsible your child is, the greater the reward.

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