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We have a new contributor and reviewer here at the magazine. Wilson the Beagle wants to share with you some exciting products that he has reviewed as well as passing them to his other doggie mates to see what they think of them too!

So over the coming weeks and months together we will be posting tried and tested reviews of unique, interesting or useful dog stuff!

For his profile picture Wilson decided he wanted to look really smart so he’s modelling this jumper from Fetch at Ocado.  It comes in a range of sizes up to XXL which is about right for a boxer type size.  If your dog is any bigger it’s likely they don’t need a wooly jumper or might look a bit daft in one.

PetLondon Chunky Knit in Navy by Wilson – £24.99

This is a great jumper, it keeps my fur dry when I’m leaping around in the snow so if we stop for coffee afterwards I’m not a cold, shivering wreck!  It fits nicely it’s not too pincy under the leg pits which is good – I’ve worn stuff before that has been uncomfortable and spend half my time brushing up against things like walls and gravel to get rid of the annoyance.  This one is lovely, the wool is soft next to my underbelly and there’s room for a pee without getting it on the jumper.  I also wear a harness so it’s easy to slip it over the jumper and it keeps me secure.

I’m glad I have my jumper for the snowy months ahead and I look really smart in it!  I’ll get you an outside pic if I can sit still long enough!


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