Little Fruit Bowl – a great way of avoiding sugary treats!

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With the country going ape over sugar taxes in drinks surely the attention will turn soon to the quantity of sugar in treats – I mean is chocolate really chocolate if the first ingredient is sugar?  Little Fruit Bowls are an awesome natural treat, no added sugar (only the fruit’s own sweetness) and perfect handbag size!


Ideal for kids, the little stems are ideal for little hands and fingers to hold and the natural ingredients helps Mums to feel safer treating their little ones.  Although be prepared for a few comedy faces, particularly with the raspberry one, it’s a little tart!  If you are weaning off sugary treats you may find a little struggle but persevere, if this is all that’s in your bag it’s pretty certain they are going to take it over nothing.  Just takes a bit of acclimatising to a treat that is just fruit and not sugar based.


If you are an athlete, hiker or cyclist you will also find these little sachets really portable and easy to enjoy a pit stop on the move.  Office workers should also stash some of these in their drawer at work to help avoid going to the tuck shop or corner store for their sweet treat!

It’s not easy to wean off sugar, for adults or kids but processed, added sugars are really super bad for you and although fructose sugars contained in this little pouches are still not perfect, they are natural and could help you reduce your sugar intake or wean off it completely.  Team with slices of fresh apple, a teaspoon of natural peanut butter or carrot sticks and houmous to complete your healthy snack.


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