London Drum And Bass The Def:inition Way

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Last week Simply Woman skanked the night away to jump-up tunes courtesy of two heavyweights on the drum and bass scene: Def:inition and Breakin Science. The birthday bash took place at warehouses in Great Suffolk Street, minutes from London Bridge railway station where up to 2000 partygoers of typical clubbing age made the most of the indoor courtyard and two arches of brickwork tunnels. Facilities, though basic (portaloos anyone?) did not deter folk from queues at the cloakroom or at either of two bars, one with free water to keep partygoers refreshed all night.

Top DJs for the night were drum and bass godfathers Kenny Ken and Brockie together with popular MCs Skibadee and Shadda D, who have expanded their SAS collaboration to SASASAS. That’s Shabba D and Skibbadee plus Stormin’ and Shotta. SAS’s arrival is always guaranteed to smash-up the stage and kickstart flagging energy on the dance floor. A full list of DJs and MCs on the night can be found by visiting the links below.

Drum and bass, also known as DnB is a style of electronic music that emerged in the UK when other genres such as hard house were popular on the rave scene. Morphing out of jungle, which began in 1990s, DnB also has roots in Jamaican reggae. Its main feature is the fast 150 – 180 breakbeats per minute accompanied by heavy bass and sub bass lines. Since its inception DnB has spawned several music styles including ambient (characterised by lighter bass notes and strong harmonisation, with or without female vocals) and dubstep. Typical DnB ‘sets’ feature a DJ supported by an MC (mic controller) who spits lyrics about everything from women trouble to wars with the enemy. Crowd participation in the club i.e. MC-ing along) is usually high.

Outside of clubs, radio stations like Rude FM report news, forthcoming events and play new tracks from the DnB scene. DJs you may want to Google are

Def:inition has promoted London-based drum and bass, jungle and dubstep events for the past 10 years. Their weekend events via flyers, radio and website draw hardcore genre followers. Watch out for future events here. Breakin Science won National Drum and Bass Awards for Best Promoter in 2014 and 2015, and Best Event 2014. See Breakin for more information.

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