Marathon Tips! 24th April upcoming London Marathon

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“The London Marathon is fast approaching, and with a record number of ballot entries, 2016 is sure to see more and more woman running both the marathon, as well as smaller runs and races. As well as the physical challenges of endurance and motivating yourself to reach the finish line, there are other physical challenges that may impede your performance, such as friction and chaffing from your running clothes that can cause irritation and discomfort in your intimate area. The SASS® Sportive Range are the first exercise products created especially for women with active lifestyles.


Intimate Protection Barrier Cream (100ml £16)

While many chamois creams exist for men, none suit the biology of women and their use can cause a pH imbalance, leading to thrush, BV and other intimate health issues. Designed to be used pre-sport/workout, the SASS® Intimate Barrier Protection Cream is the first barrier cream that not only reduces skin friction but also provides ultra-hydration for the skin to maintain top class performance at the same time as being completely safe for intimate use.

Intimate Recovery Serum (100ml £14)

SASS® Sportive Recovery Serum has been expertly designed to help soothe, cool and moisturise post-workout skin, whilst also providing natural fragrance and antimicrobial protection against skin imbalances. It cools and comforts by soothing irritation. Jump in the shower after exercise and once dry gently massage a small amount of the serum onto your intimate skin.”


Five top tips for marathon runners feet! (credit: College of Podiatry)

1)    Know your feet – be aware of when they are uncomfortable and don’t always just bear through the pain. Make sure you check your feet for blisters or redness especially when trying out new trainers

2)    New Trainers – these are a must as the perfect trainer will not last for ever. Don’t change them too close the main run as you want your feet to feel comfortable and accustomed to them

3)    Hygiene is key – washing your feet in anti-bacterial soap, airing your trainers to reduce the chance of build-up of fungal elements and bacteria will help protect your feet – you don’t want anything to cause irritation

4)    Your feet are going to take the brunt of the impact but don’t neglect other parts of your body – stretch and make sure you keep an eye on your legs

5)    Finally – if in doubt or concerned in anyway – go see a podiatrist and get your feet checked out

More information about the College of Podiatry:

The College of Podiatry is the academic authority for chiropody and podiatry in the UK, and an independent charity dedicated to feet health research, education and public awareness. It works closely with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists – the professional body for the UK’s registered chiropodists and podiatrists. In short, they’re the UK’s experts for everything and anything to do with feet.  Podiatry is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other disorders of the feet.


Get some free food!

Refuel after the London Marathon with Free Dim Sum at Royal China

The average Marathon runner will burn between 2900 and 3500 calories as they negotiate the 26.3 mile Virgin London Marathon course on 24 April 2016. With energy levels low, runners will need to recharge their batteries with a lunch of champions.

To help replenish their depleted fuel tanks, the Royal China Group will be offering competitors a free dim sum dish, when dining in one of their six London restaurants on the day of the Marathon. Diners simply need to present their Marathon medal to a member of staff on arrival at the restaurant.

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