Wilkinsons Sword Intuition Razor Ultra Moisture

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This nifty and rather unique razor has a multi-tasking approach to shaving – and heaven knows we all need a bit of extra time.  The moisturising bar surrounding the razor creates a lather, the razor then shaves and the shea butter contained within the bar soothes and moisturises.

I always find when I use this under my arms I don’t get the little sore bumps as much – the shave is clean but deeply moisturising.  It’s not as easy in a cramped little shower bending over to make sure your legs are done – I’d prefer to use this as part of a relaxing bath than a hurried shower in the morning for leg hair.

Razors are all much of a muchness these days so it’s nice to see something a bit more unique and caring.  It comes in at £6.99 (RRP) so look out for it next time you are at Boots or Superdrug!

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