WOW Luxury Facial Mask Gives Revolutionary Results

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This new mega invention is a gel mask described as the answer to near flawless skin without the use of needles. Containing innovative natural ingredients whose overall effect restores skin tone, elasticity and hydration, it also reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Developed in Institute Haylual Switzerland, and with the aid of California beauticians WOW mask contains skin loving plants* that release their potency at a beneficial rate to maximise its protective effect on your skin. The mask also uses Transdermal Cosmetics Delivery technology activated by skin temperature to penetration of ingredients deeper below the skin’s layers. The WOW mask thus provides 200% more hydration than other collagen-based treatments.

WOW contains Hyaluronic acid, RMCP-complex (fruit, floral and leaf complex), *Argireline for skin firming properties, and collagen and bio peptides for a combined anti-ageing effect. Manufacturers recommend using WOW once a week though it is safe to use more frequently.
Skin benefits last up to three months after five treatments of 20 up to 40 minutes each and improving your complexion is as easy as applying the mask to your freshly washed face.
WOW is suitable for all skin types.

Buy online at RRP £99.99 for 5 sachets. See also

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