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Colour & Kohl Eyeliner

What they say:

This professional, dual purpose product can be used as both an eyeliner and kohl pencil. Whether you want to simply line your eyes or go for the full on kohl look; Colour & Kohl is the pro eye pencil of the moment.

I think these are great, they’re really easy to apply as eyeliner and kohl pencil, I’ve now tried out all the colors and they all seem to go great with whatever kind of style of makeup you’re going for. They do transform your eyes and add that little extra bit of beauty without being in your face. The blue and the gold can make your eyes stand out for those adventurous lovers of color, while the black and brown are a little more subtle.

I’ve worn them from morning till sleep time and they seem to stay put and not smudge (perfect for nights out with the girls!). All in all I’d buy them again and have already recommended them to all my friends!

Ella x

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