My Marathon by DJ Lady Eliza

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DJ Lady Eliza is a drum & bass DJ and promoter based in the French Alps.  She loves running marathons and we talked with her about her experiences, tips and advice from water consumption to wearing the right trainers for a marathon.

How many marathons have you run?

I have run 4 marathons, Paris, Rome, London and Valecia


What got you doing your first one?

I was running in the UK for Bedford Harriers with a crazy bunch and we thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a marathon and then train together for it in Tutus. I have run all 4 marathons with Team Tutu! Each one in a different Tutu!

What is it you love about it?

I love being outside and running, it’s a great way to clear your head and just enjoy being alive. The sense of achievement is amazing and it’s a great social event meeting up with the crew in another country and then partying after the marathon.

What was the biggest lesson you learned after your first?

Don’t drink too much water on the way round. It’s not good feeling super bloated and heavy when you still have 6 miles to go!


What are the most important things to you when running a Marathon?

The right trainers, clothing and training.

How long do you train for prior to the event?

They say about 16 weeks is the average plan. You have to build up and then back down and be rested before the marathon. It deffinatley takes over your life towards the end with the long mile runs but I quite like that.

What advice would you give to people looking to do their first?

Do It!!! Fo sure, its an amazing experience. Pick one that you like the look of, be it in the UK or make a holiday of it and one abroad. Have a look at training plans online, recruite some friends and do it! You wont regret it!

Talk to us about footwear? What do people need to know when buying shoes for a marathon?  What do you look for in shoes?


The right trainers are so important not only to the way you run but also to help prevent injury. Its always advisable to get your gait tested to see how you run and then you will know what type of shoes are suited to you.  I’m lucky in that I am a neutral runner so I do not over or under pronate when I run. This means I would select neutral trainers. Most running shops have the facility to test your gait so I would also recommend you get this before you pick your trainers.  I also try on loads as they have to have that comfort factor being that I will be spending quite a bit of time in them. I also look for a good amount of grip on the sole and cushioning

Plus I like my trainers to be clourful! The New Balance ones I have are all of the ablove. I couldn’t ask for a better marathon trainer. After the winter ski season I am now starting back up running and it’s like the trainers are brand new. All of the suport and comfort is there so I’m really happy to be running again in them. All I need to do now is decide on what marathon I will run this year!

Eliza received her trainers courtesy of and currently the New Balance marathon trainer she recommends are 50% off!

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