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Simply Woman is delighted to announce the release of 5 stunning artisan fragrances from legendary British store Molton Brown.  These represent a new direction in fragrance for Molton Brown – The Navigations Through Scent collection has been painstakingly created by their inhouse perfumer Jennifer Jambon and will be on general release in September.  For the moment you can buy them exclusively in their Harrods concession.  Prices range from £55 to £65.

The Navigations Through Scent Collection delves into the heritage of perfume, tracing its influences back to the ancient spice route, where rarity and the high value of the ingredients made trading along this trail both exhilarating and perilous. Following key focal points along the route, the journey starts in the Ancient World, the birthplace of fragrance – Egypt, China and Indonesia, then over to England for trade, before entering the New World in Canada.  These timeless, premium fragrances contain sophisticated and perfectly balanced blends of rare ingredients, individually containing a lead ingredient from each country, bringing this historic tale to the modern day.

Molton Brown say….

The floriental-spicy scent of IUNU (30° 12’N, 31° 32’E) starts the journey, transporting the mind to the Nile, echoing strength, power, seduction and majesty with its lead ingredient, Egyptian white jasmine, giving an elegant opulence.

Simply Woman say….

A delicate jasmine opening – more so than many jasmine powerhouses I have sampled and sits close to the skin, staying true to its main ingredient. The jasmine dominates throughout the life of the fragrance and is indeed elegant and sophisticated.  Perfect for floral lovers – the indolic qualities found in many jasmine dominated fragrances aren’t very noticeable here – which is good as many are put off by their intensity.

Molton Brown say….

LIJIANG (25° 16’N, 110° 16’E) leads to China, with its floral-musky scent capturing the light, delicate softness of silk and crisp tea. Its lead ingredient, osmanthus absolute, brings a fresh delicacy and sophistication to the fragrance.

Simply Woman say….

This starts out with a fresh, apricoty but delicate floral note – the osmanthus is a rare oriental flower – you won’t find many fragrances with this ingredient in it.  As the elegant floral notes fade you are left with a pure and true vanilla base, infused with warmth and it has a lovely comforting element.

Molton Brown say…..

Next to Indonesia with SINGOSARI (07° 91’S, 112° 65’E), drawing its inspiration from the beauty of the spices and memories of tropical weather, with patchouli perfectly capturing the essence of the country, producing a spicy-woody scent.

Simply Woman say…

Careful with this one!  Don’t buy based on first spray if you are a lady – as you will find the initial charming floral notes gives way to a highly masculine, deep rich spicy scent.  If you are a guy – don’t be put off by the initial floral hit – this is a great fragrance for a man.

Molton Brown say….

The journey continues to England for trading with APULDRE (51° 02’N, 0° 47’E) which, through its lead ingredient of juniper berry, conjures images of green lawns, English mischief and gin & tonics, perfectly capturing its green-aromatic quality.

Simply Woman say….

This is the most unisex fragrance of the lot I reckon.  A fantastic fresh crisp green opening – like your first sip of gin and tonic on the lawn which develops into an ever so slight grassy warmth – almost reminiscent of freshly cut vetiver. 

Molton Brown say….

The journey ends in the New World, Canada, with ROGART (45° 33’N, 63° 9’W) a juxtaposition of continental ices and heat, civilization and wilderness with fir balsam and maple making up its woody-fresh scent, inspiring the warm feeling of being inside, with the cold weather outside.

Simply Woman say….

There’s a hint of sweetness in this one which compliments the fresh woodiness of the fir balsam.  You could almost be wandering through the Canadian wilderness and being greeted with a stack of maple syrup pancakes.  Not too woody for a woman and almost perfect woodiness for a gent, this also would appeal to both genders and is probably the most unique fragrance of the collection.  The words used by Molton Brown “juxtaposition” is entirely relevant – there’s coolness but warmth, freshness but woodiness, sweetness but sharpness.  It is beautifully balanced and lingers closed to the skin to be enjoyed by you and those who get close to you.


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