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Research out today reveals more than half of British shoppers have become so cynical about special offers and freebies that they choose to ‘look a gift horse in the mouth’ and could be missing out on millions of pounds worth of savings at the till and online.
The study, commissioned by Nectar eShops, found 53% of the nation is immediately sceptical when informed of a special deal, offer or free gift; whilst one in five admit to missing out by simply forgetting to redeem offers before their deadline. Also a third of Brits immediately put their guard up when phoned directly about an offer.

Three quarters of the 53% are likely to be turned off by an offer that seems too good to be true, whilst other reactions include not trusting the company providing the offer, or previous experience of falling for a scam. Men (58%) are more sceptical than women (48%). Interestingly, shoppers also become more cynical the older they get.

So what do savvy Brit shoppers do? They’re far more likely to take advantage of offers that give instant rewards, come from a reputable company and are lower value such as buy-one-get-one-free deals and money off vouchers.

Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos, consumer psychologist from London Metropolitan University, comments; “Research shows shoppers are only willing to take up offers when they have explored the three “C”s – credibility, context and clarity. Firstly, consumers want to know the company is credible by checking it out online. Secondly, there needs to be some association between the context of an offer and their needs or lifestyle. Finally, consumers want clarity as to how they can take up the offer. Together the three “C”s provide a platform of trust where consumers feel safe when taking advantage of offers.”

James Frost, Nectar Marketing Director, comments; “…it’s still important to take advantage of the right deals, especially in these harder times, as these can make a big difference to your weekly shopping budget. With Nectar eShops we…really feel it’s a no-brainer for online shoppers to log on to and make sure that they earn Nectar points on as many of their online purchases as possible.”

So why use eShops?
· With over 500 shops to collect points with, including Amazon, eBay, Debenhams, Apple and Gap there are too many ways to use your nectar points. Travel, DIY and electricals outlets are also part of this network of shops where you can use you nectar card to gain more points.
· Get value for money, with hundreds of voucher codes and deals updated daily
· Collect even more points just for searching the web, using the Nectar Toolbar (including bonus points just for downloading it); plus get reminders of where you can collect points online
· Check the best deals with our pricechecker, and compare prices at different eShops

How eShops works in 3 simple steps
· Visit before you place an order
· Find a shop or offer you like & enter your Nectar card number
· Click ‘Shop now’ and get Nectar points on your purchases

With Price Checker, enter the type of article you want to enquire about, and nectar eshops will find the best price for you from the outlets in its database.
Go to

Take the dilemma out of buying gifts with Gift Finder. Simply go the site and enter some details about yourself (or the person you are buying for), budget limits, personality type, and let the database do the hard work for you. E.g. searching for a blue shirt will cause nectar eshops to display similar items sold among its network of participating shops. You can bookmark your favourite items, and revisit them later too.
Go to

At all times you will be informed of how many nectar points you will earn from making each purchase.


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