Let’s Hear It For ‘Dry'(er) Drinks and Cheer This New Season

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Now the year is well under way, take stock of Dry January (if you haven’t already) by leaving last season’s possible over-indulgence behind and moving towards more health conscious drinking choices. This means including a reduction in alcohol consumption as part of your lifestyle. As we all know, drinking little or no alcohol means better hydration for your organs, improved quality of sleep, higher alertness and productivity. Importantly your liver, stomach and skin will also benefit from an absence of alcohol. Reduced alcohol drinks contain fewer calories too. So, if you’d like to improve your health as well as your weight, read on…

Oddbird Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé NV, France, 0.01% abv

This attractively packaged yet pocket friendly banger is great for any time of the year. There’s lots of sharp fizz to keep you alert, plus you will savour the pink fruit and apple tinged palate. Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grown in the Langeudoc-Roussillon region of France. Just 64 kcals per 100ml glass and best drunk chilled. RRP £12.99 from Laithwaites.

Hardys Zero Chardonnay, 2021, Australia, 0.05 % abv

Zero by name and nature refers only to the alcohol content of this wine. Made from chardonnay grapes picked during 2021’s excellent year when strong sunshine heightened peach and melon flavours inherent in the grape. Then extended seating on lees produced a softer palate before removing the alcohol using ‘Zero Tech’ technology. This drink pairs with white meats, fish and cheeses. Only 22 kcals per 100ml glass. RRP £4.00 from Tesco, £5.00 from Morissons and Ocado.

Highball Classic Alcohol-Free G&T, England, 0.01% abv

Previously reviewed in our Christmas feature, ‘Highball’ appears here again for our spirit lovers. A time honoured classic that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, in whatever quantity you desire, thanks to its zero alcohol content. The traditional flavour comes from the juniper berry, plus added natural botanicals give the trademark quinine twist. Finished with a citrus bite for a low calorie (22 kcals per 100ml glass) take on the famous cocktail. Free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and gluten and suitable for vegans. £4.99 from Laithwaites.

Sophisticated Non Alcoholic Grape Drinks

Lidl Freeway Sparkling White Grape Juice Drink, 750ml

This delicious drink tastes equally as good as that famous brand (hint -it’s also featured here.) The good news is that it’s accessible all year round. Enjoy also in red and rosé grape varieties (from larger Lidl branches) at only 24 kcals per 100ml glass. RRP 99p.

Shloer Sparkling Fruit Drink, 750ml

This perennial favourite needs no introduction. Typically making an appearance around the Christmas season, limited stock can still be found in UK supermarkets throughout the year. Expect the traditional, red (see the glass in the image), white and rosé varieties, as well as other flavours like peach, elderflower and pink bubbly. Made from 100% grapes and attractively packaged with a sophisticated sparkle. RRP £2.40.

You won’t find our usual drink in moderation slogan here – Happy drinking!

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