Pledge your name and Trilogy will donate a dollar to save Orangutans

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Extinction is forever.  Orangutans need our help.

Donate now for absolutely free with a click…

Jump on to Facebook and pledge your name in support of Trilogy’s campaign.  In return, they’ll donate $1* to the Borneo Orangutan Protection Foundation.  Pledge your name here, it takes seconds:

Orangutans are one of our closest cousins, sharing over 98% of our DNA.  Like human babies, baby orangutans cry when they’re hungry, whimper when they’re hurt and smile at their mothers.

And they’re resourceful.  Did you know that orangutans make umbrellas out of leaves to shelter themselves from the rain?

Deforestation of the orangutan’s natural habitat means the leaves that form such an integral part of orangutan life are swiftly disappearing.  And our beautiful, intelligent cousins are rapidly heading towards extinction.

Trilogy has been supporting orangutans in South East Asia since 2009.   With your support, over $40,000 has been raised to help the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation continue their vital work.

This year, Trilogy wants to hit the $50,000 mark.  You can help – simply by pledging your name.

But don’t stop there.  Spread the word.  We’ll donate $1* for every person who pledges

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation works hard to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans from high-risk areas and release them into wild, protected rainforest habitats.   Your support will assist theNyaru Menteng Sanctuary, which works hard to care for over 600 orangutans.

* New Zealand currency.  Maximum donation $10,000. Campaign will run until 30 September or until 10,000 pledges have been made.  Rest assured – we won’t share your name with third parties.  Ever.

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