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Here’s a chance to take a closer look at the Rituals Cosmetics range as I have some fabulous goodies to show you.  Rituals use natural gemstones in their cosmetics (no different to “mineral” makeup other than the gemstones are of higher value – Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire)  These gemstones have a certain vibration or “energy” which has been identified by various civilisations over the eras and has been brought back to appear in beauty by Rituals!

Starting with lips – Rituals has a very pretty range of nudes, pinks and pillar box reds to suit every complexion.  The ruby gemstone is included here to improve circulation – ideal for the lip area if it does so as circulation improves plumpness.  The lipstick has a smooth and creamy formula, it’s not drying at all.  The one below is called “Sunset” (£12.50) but my other favourites are Pink Pepper, Cotton Candy and Jaipur!

Eyes next.  This incredible purple mineral shadow (£11) is infused with the ancient gemstone Sapphire which strengthens the “third eye”, thereby deepening intuition and insight, while having a beautiful brightening effect.  Umm…not sure about the intuition and insight but I’d certainly expect anything containing sapphire, especially an already dazzling shade like this to have its effects amplified by the inclusion of that ingredient. It’s certainly a stunning colour!  For those of you who prefer your shadows a little tamer – Amber Mist, Jade Jewel and Peach Glow are all really pretty and more conservative shades.  I can get away with a lot of eye colours so I’m not scared of this colour – in fact I’m going to jazz it right up with some matching eye pencils!


There are two different types of eye pencils – a traditional kohl and twist up stick colour.  Both have smudging wands on the end to help you create smokey eyes.

There aren’t  thousands of nail colours like some brands – Rituals has concentrated on chic and timeless colours rather than every sparkle and glitter shade going.   For the lady who knows what nail varnish colour she likes and sticks with it.


Finally is the Sunglow in Peach – £24.  I’ve reviewed this in some detail on wewereraisedbywolves as a guest blogger but the gist below is that this is a stunning and really useful palette – which looks at first to be a simple shimmer brick but in fact it can do loads more – including a full eye makeup and contouring/highlighting!  There is a really pretty pink and a very versatile bronze available too.

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