Seeking A Job? Got No Degree? No Problem! Part 2

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Last week we brought you the first part of our 2-part feature on industries you don’t need to be a degree holder to enter. This week we feature five more roles and industries you can enter ‘degree free’, courtesy of *

HR manager
For those hyper organised, great at remaining unbiased in difficult situations, and who thrive when speaking to people, a career in HR may be the route for you. Joining the industry as an admin assistant will ensure you have a foot in the door and there are various online courses you can enrol on to upgrade your knowledge. HR Managers within the corporate sector for global companies can earn upwards of £100,00 per annum.

Personal assistants can begin their careers straight from school. Positivity is key, as is organisation, patience and the ability to stay cool under pressure. Extensive travel is usually necessary within this role and you’re likely to be continuously on call, however don’t let the likes of the Devil Wears Prada deter you. Many companies view their PAs as vital cogs within the workplace machine. Salaries though can vary, depending on the length of service and scope of work. But the ceiling is limitless.

Air steward
If you want to combine your love globetrotting with perks, a career as an air steward can ensure you save most of your salary on your travels. Plus, the bigger airlines are known to provide their staff with accommodation and a separate salary for their long-haul flights.
Starting salaries for air stewards range from £20,000 – £25,000 a year.

Holiday rep
Although the starting salary can be considered low, opportunities to gain commission for holiday excursions are vast. The chance to travel the world can be priceless, plus, the exchange rates and cost of living can work in your favour when they are significantly less than in the UK.

Personal shopper
If you have an eye for detail and consider yourself a ‘people person’, then a personal shopper could be your niche. Your starting salary may be low, however commission tends to be disproportionately high. Additionally, high street clothing chains and high-end department stores regularly seek personal shoppers, demonstrating the importance they bring to retail research, customer feedback, and development of the consumer experience.

(Lifestyle brand manager Emily Gilbey provided the main copy for this piece, with further contributions by the author.)

* is an online portal offering comprehensive financial management advice on a wide range of topics to include loans, credit cards, debt advice and current news from worldwide financial markets.

Look out for next week’s feature on ‘How to lose a job in 10 minutes.’

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