Stop Your Adult Children from Using Your Home as Their Storage Place

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If you are tired of your adult children using your home as their personal storage spot, there is a solution to that. While you may have already told your children that they need to get their stuff out of your home, it does not always work. In fact, they may promise that they will and then never follow through with that – it happens. 

Often, the reason parents become so bogged down with their children’s items is because they say they will hold onto their child’s stuff for a short amount of time and it becomes ages. 

Below, we will go over some effective strategies to ensure your adult children stop using your home as their personal storage locker. 

1. Get a Self-Storage Unit 

A self-storage unit is a great way for your children to store their items and to remove clutter from your home at the same time. While a self-storage unit does cost money, that money is being well spent because you do not have to worry about the space, time, and energy that goes into having your child’s items there. 

If you are the one who gets the storage unit for your child, then move all their belongings into it. It may be tough to stand up to them at first, but it will pay off in the end. Remember, bad habits form when you bend. 

One of the toughest things that will come of this is who will pay for the unit. Of course, the theory is that your children will, but, if you do decide to help them out a bit, you will need to set clear guidelines and boundaries. 

You can save yourself time by looking at a website that shows all the different options in your area. Otherwise you are looking at each self-storage website for pricing and making phone calls. We have found that a website like is extremely helpful in finding great prices.

2. Minimize Their Clutter 

Since you are the keeper of your child’s items, you may want to get with your child and phase out old items and items that are no longer needed. Your child does not need all the clothes they likely have, and they do not necessarily need all the items that they have you holding onto. 

Make a day out of it for you and your child. This way, the two of you can be together, spend time with one another, and get rid of some of those items that are in your way. 

3. Take the Items to Your Child’s Location 

Ah – the dreaded situation. If nothing else is working and you are just fed up with having your child’s items in your home, take a drive to their home. You can take a couple items of theirs with you or you can take all their items with you. 

Of course, this should be used as a last resort as there are other ways to get rid of their items without making a house call with them. 

4.Talk to Your Adult Children about Storage and Their Items 

You did a good deed by allowing your child to store their items at your home, but, as you grow into your home and need more space, you may find that you need their items removed. One of the best solutions is a self-storage unit and talking to your adult child about this may help the situation.

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