Hape Scoot Around Review

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Looking for a well crafted, non plastic toy for your little ones that will stand the test of time (and toddlerness!)

We’ve reviewed the Scoot Around and can tell you all about how much it is loved by our young man!

We received it a few months ago when he was about 21 months old but very active and mobile. It was one of his first ride on vehicles and still a huge favourite.

We live in a flat so it’s not always easy for him to burn off energy outside in the garden – the Scottish weather sees to that! I wanted something sturdy, easily cleaned, lightweight but also good quality.

It’s super well built and really easy to assemble and clean. As you can see our wee man likes to chill out with a biscuit and his ride! It’s comfy for his little bum bouncing on and off it every day and has lasted being bashed into door frames, the dog, chair legs and all sorts.

The design is exceptional and the colour quality is very high, it’s never faded and looks vibrant and colourful. There’s plenty extra space for him to grow into it as well – you can see his hands still have space on the handles to fit when he’s bigger.

All in all it’s an outstanding toy – it’s not the cheapest but it should last many years and multiple children and doesn’t look scratched and tatty like the plasticky ride on ones which often have sticker embellishments that rub off.

You can buy the Hape Scoot Around from Amazon for £54.99


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