Why You Should Put On Your ‘Sunday Best’ Everyday

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Far too many of us find ourselves saving our best outfits for Sunday church services and neglecting our appearances every other day of the week. While rising to the occasion on a Sunday is often a great reason to spend the extra time getting ready, there are a few important reasons why you should rather take on the challenge of wearing your ‘Sunday best’ every day. Here are just some of the reasons you should look your best every day.

What You Wear Is A Representation Of Who You Are

It understandable why most of us are extra cautious when selecting an outfit for a Sunday church service, although, the same should apply each day as we are encouraged by several scriptures to arrive at places of worship as we are. Rather than viewing Sunday services as an opportunity for a fashion show, rather adapt to an every day elegant fashion sense that will help you recognize the reason what you wear is a direct representation of who you are. It is a common belief that your fashion choices are also a reflection of where you are on a spiritual level, which means that those trendy band shirts and ripped jeans are not just a terrible choice for a Sunday service, but they are actually a terrible idea any day of the week as such items of clothing would present that you may be on the wrong spiritual path in life. 

Accessories Speak Volumes

Part of dressing up any outfit includes accessorizing with jewelry and classy handbags. However, in order to maintain your charming Sunday fashion throughout the week, it would be a great idea to dress your outfits up with some sparkly Christian jewelry. There is no real need to go overboard when making a statement of faith, which is why even a simple cross pendant is enough to add a final classic touch to any outfit. Regular churchgoers are well aware of the importance of taking what they learn from Sunday services home with them and this would entail carrying true faith around at all times. 

Minimal Makeup Is Always Best

Regardless of your religious views, minimal makeup is always the best option for everyday looks. Even though piling on foundation and eyeliner may provide you with a false sense of confidence, the negative impact of too much makeup on your skin is simply daunting and while we are encouraged to find comfort and confidence within our own skin, the less makeup you wear on a regular basis, the more confident you will become with your appearance. As our bodies should be viewed as temples, we should be confident enough to be able to wear as little makeup as possible yet still be aware of our beauty. Caring for your skin with a suitable skincare routine is an effective way to enhance the true beauty of your skin that no foundation could ever mimic. Where confidence is concerned, there is no reason why you should save your best for Sundays as it would be much wiser to wear your best every day.

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