Take It Oh Oh Slo-o-o-w With Slow Dating

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Here’s another instalment from our summer run of speed dating events. You know that speed dating exposes you to up to twenty dates in a single evening that you would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. All useful when you consider today’s fast paced, work driven climate prevents many people from meeting potential suitors. Recently we tangoed with Slow Dating, one of the UK’s leading agencies who tell us that four minutes is all it takes to make the difference with an anonymous date. Having previously attended events of the standard three minutes, we’d agree.

Slow Dating events take place in plush bars that are easy to locate. Prices are typically £20 for a session. The company also brings single men and women together for other fun filled activities – lock and key parties, singles parties, elite status meets, food and wine parties, walks. These no-pressure events take place in every major UK city including those in Scotland and Wales. Some events are age-specific and others such as parties are not. Ages range from 24 to 60 years plus and you can expect to find people with similar interests who may appeal as a romantic prospect or a friend.

For the over 40s Slow Dating have a dedicated site – see http://www.slowdating40plus.com/. Here, expect to find other singletons who are compatibly experienced at their stage in life, and who may be the life partner you’re looking for.

Membership – No need to join the site to attend an event, just go to www.slowdating.com to book. You can set up a profile however, to check for possible matches after speed dating events. The actual dating site is at http://www.slowdatingonline.com/.


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