The Practical & Affordable Way To Wear This Season’s Trends

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With all of these mid-season sales springing up everywhere it can often be difficult to remember what fashion pieces you need and want, and which ones you simply want to buy because they’re a bargain. It is always tricky to ignore those great deals dancing in front of you in sale seasons, but by resisting the shopping temptation you can save your pennies and put them towards more long-term, thought out investments.

There are, however, many trends around this AW14 that you can easily dip in and out of without necessarily having to blow an entire month’s wages.


Or this? (Zara)

Would you consider this to be Normcore?  (Zara)

Would you consider this "Nomcore"?

or this? (Zara)

So, for instance, the Normcore trend (just think fashionably average – a combination between ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’) has returned which means that slouchy unisex pieces are once more in vogue. However with this trend it is easy to mistake ‘normal’ for ‘mundane’.

Normcore is incredibly difficult to actively achieve so has generally been left as primarily a high fashion trend. The looks that hit the runways were made from luxurious fabrics that sat just right, not cheap makeshift attempts. So although it is a look that tries to show that ‘fashion doesn’t matter’, it is often a deliberate look by those for whom fashion really does matter. Confusing isn’t it? Nevertheless, several high street saviours such as Zara and Gap offer high-quality basics that compliment this trend well.


Available from Zara

Available from Zara

Now this trend can be as adventurous or safe, bold or understated as you wish! The patterns that are pretty huge right now include botanical, tartan and folk. Instead of the everyday florals that I am sure we all keep in our wardrobes for a ‘I don’t have anything to wear!’ moment however, this season larger statement botanical prints are pretty huge (literally!). This is great as not only do these prints make more of a statement, they also offer a much more sophisticated look as we develop our fashion styles.

Similarly, instead of the traditional school uniform pattern, tartan and plaid are transforming the high street and can be worn with more of an attitude than you were ever allowed to use in the classroom! These patterns look great as skirts, shirts, coats, leggings, trousers, shorts and scarves (need I go on?) so it really is one of the most versatile and achievable trends this season.


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Folk, although in some cases this season is seen as a pattern, it also describes the huge trend of folk living that feeds in to several other trends. This is great when shopping on a budget as a carefully selected piece can travel across almost every trend in one season!  Other than the delicate, earthy colours and patterns involved in this particular notion, Folk this AW relates to all earth living. Think warm and cosy colours with beautifully draped fabrics, centre partings and deep earthy tones to bring out your natural beauty. Although the personalised Burberry cape got us all talking, there are many more affordable cosy alternatives for wrapping up that you can try.



Available at NEXT


As I mentioned before, fur is just one example of the interchangeable trends we are seeing at the moment. Fur feeds into and out of the folk living fashion that we have seen emerging.  Statement coats for winter have always been necessary, but this year it is the countrified shearling and furs that are being sought out. Creating a beautifully messy silhouette these incredibly cosy coats are the perfect choice for winter months, and look fantastic with bold patterns and those earthy tones we are seeing everywhere.  What is even greater with fur coming back in is that you can find gorgeous vintage coats for great prices on eBay or sifting through your local thrift stores.


Available at NEXT

Available at NEXT

Then there is the controversial leather. Many immediately think of Ross’ leather pants in Friends and instantly retreat from any leather clothing. However, leather has been around for the past few seasons and is still looking just as good. Both faux and real leather skirts, tops and dresses have featured on many catwalks recently and offer an incredibly versatile addition to any wardrobe. If you feel that a lot of leather may look too gothic for you, a simple leather pencil skirt or even ladies leather gloves look great with the aforementioned shearling or fur jacket. The mismatching of textures taps into yet another huge look this autumn, and both keep you very warm! Similarly, a leather-look pinafore dress with a tartan top underneath worn with a shearling sleeveless jacket encapsulates everything this AW14 is about.

This autumn more than ever we are really seeing the beauty of layering shine through. A trend that you simply must spend all those hot summer months waiting for really comes into its own with such a gorgeous variety of textures, fabrics, colours and patterns to explore. It also means that you can recycle older pieces of clothing as it’s unlikely that it will be seen as a whole, but more add to an overall look. Such a perfect trend for anyone who gets cold easily, whilst also allowing for over-keen heating and stuffy public transport rides, its practical and looks great!

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