Tips for Storing Off-season Clothes

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Unless you have a large walk-in closet, you will admit it is a struggle to do a complete overhaul to your summer, autumn or winter wardrobe. It is a crucial step to attain an organized space and better everyday-functioning of your wardrobe. Besides, you need to figure out a system to organize your clothes for a much smoother life. Living in a temperate climate doesn’t exempt you from the need to change your wardrobe arrangement as you need to put away the seasonal vacation items which can rob your space. But don’t let the seasonal clothes swap stress you. Below are secrets on switching your wardrobe as the seasons change.

1.      Wash the Clothes Before Storage

It may seem like a no brainer. However, clothe items such as sweaters aren’t clothes that you wash every time you put them on. But it is crucial that you ensure you wash them before putting them away. Your sweat, perfume, and body oil will only attract pests into your closet. Besides, it could also spoil your clothes as stains that aren’t taken care of early darken and become more stubborn. When you pack clothes having food stains may attract insects, which will wreak havoc in your wardrobe.

2. Donate Some of the Items

As you arrange your clothing items, you should put away the clothes you rarely wear or those that no longer fit. You will agree that often during your closet rearrangement, you always get a few clothe items that haven’t seen the daylight. Take that as a signal that you need to get rid of them. Ensure that the clothes you want to donate are clean and un-soiled.

3.      Select Your Storage Location Carefully

You are probably guilty of tossing our clothe bins into the basement or the garage. All these areas are moisture-prone and pests thriving places. However, it is crucial that you choose a perfect spot where you will store your clothes. You should also ensure that your bin isn’t facing the sun directly as it could cause fading. Also, some fabric structure spoils with exposure to sunlight. The ideal location is a cool, dry, and dark environment; these could be in a spare closet or even under your guest bed.

4. Spray some Pesticide

Some pests such as moths and beetles often create their home in the warmth of your clothes. Luckily pest control company is here to help. The company will spray the appropriate pesticide in your storage area or wardrobe keeping off pests such as moths for months. Besides, the pest control company ensures the pesticide used is high-quality and odorless, keeping your clothes in perfect condition and smelling great throughout the storage period.

4.      Avoid Overpacking Your Bins

It is quite tempting to put as many clothes as possible in the storage bin, especially if you have lots of clothes that need packing and little storage space. However, it will do you more harm than good in the long run. The zipper of your suitcase may fail to close completely, or the lid of your bin may not fit properly. Thus, leaving room for pests to enter. Instead, you should roll up the extra item and put them away.


When you follow the above tips, your stored clothes will remain in pristine condition for the season. They will also be fresh and ready to wear during the next season.

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