Top tips to finding the right bra after breast augmentation surgery

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Following your breast augmentation surgery, you might be looking forward to picking up some new bras in your new size. Finding things that fit your new cup size will likely be a fulfilling experience after having enlargement surgery – especially if you’ve been waiting a while.

There are a few tips to bear in mind when picking out some nice new bras for yourself post-surgery now your cup size has changed. Here’s what to consider when going bra shopping following your breast enlargement.

Give your body time to recover

Before going out and buying your new bras, you’ll want to give yourself some time to recover from surgery. Your doctor will advise you on how long recovery will take and for any swelling to reduce. 

You will still need support in this time but be aware that your size will likely change as the swelling reduces. After the recovery period has passed then you can go out and feel confident that your breast size has settled.

Get professionally measured

Now that your bra fitting has been altered, it’s almost essential that you get professionally measured. This will ensure that the bras you buy will fit your properly and you wont make any rookie mistakes. 

Although you may have had a cup size in mind for your surgery, breast implants aren’t exact. Opting for a professional bra fitting will give you an idea of what your actual cup size will be going forward.

Try out different styles and sizes

Now you know your fit, you can start keeping an eye out for bras you like the look for. Trying out a few different styles and sizes can help you to get a tangible idea of how things will feel. Bras will probably feel a bit different than pre-surgery since they need to provide additional support for your body. Find the style and size which feels best for you.

Look for balanced support

Depending on how many cup sizes you have increased by, you will probably find yourself needing more support. Try on a few bras and look for ones which offer balanced support between the shoulder straps and the band

Comfort is key following surgery while you’re still adjusting to the additional weight and size. The material also factors into this since some bras aren’t built to support those with breast implant – look for stretchy materials that adjust for any breast shape.

Avoid buying online for your first few choices

One of the biggest disservices you can do for yourself after breast enlargement surgery is buy your first bras online. Even if you have a rough idea of your size, you’ll probably waste time waiting for delivery and returning a bunch of them. Until you have an accurate idea of the styles that work for you and your new size, stick to in-store purchases at first.

With these five tips guiding your bra shopping post-surgery, you should be able to find the right bra for your new size. Done right and it can be a great feeling going out to get bras in the size you wanted to be – just be sure you’ve got the structure and support you need.

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