7 ways to give your home the ‘Regencycore’ look

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Thanks to the recent prominence of TV period dramas like Bridgerton and Sanditon, many of us have been familiarised with the ‘Regencycore’ style of interior design.

As House & Garden explains, the Regency period is named after the Prince Regent, who was practically the British king in all but name during the 1820s. However, the elaborate Regency style can be applied surprisingly successfully to modern interiors.

Apply Regency-esque wallpaper 

Wallpaper has many advantages, including that it is (relatively) easy to put up and can transform a room significantly in the process. 

You could be pleasantly surprised by how much character and warmth new wallpaper brings to your residence — especially if you commit yourself to making a feature wall. 

Find antique pieces to put on display 

Naturally, you could come across plenty of these simply by rummaging around charity shops as well as online marketplaces like Etsy.

Examples of such fittings that would especially suit a Regency-styled property include brass handles, caned furniture and wooden pieces with reeded or sabre legs. Accent chairs, antique mirrors and four-poster beds would also be worth considering.

Install some vintage-style chandeliers 

One great advantage of shopping for chandeliers like this at the moment is that you can get hold of some encasing modern technology in an endearingly traditional design.

You could, for example, buy some vintage-inspired chandeliers from Pagazzi — especially as Good Homes enthuses that chandeliers can “bring serious Regency glamour to dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways or wherever you feel most powerful!”

Hang up naturalistic wall art 

When watching Regency-set period dramas, it often doesn’t take long to see some landscape painting or another depicting stunning rural scenery.

You could take your cue from this by sourcing some prints of such artistic imagery before slipping them into gold or brass frames. The result will look charming and elegant and can provide the room with a focal point.

Set up a French-style dressing table 

Ironically when you consider that the British were in an intense war with France during the Regency period, a French-style dressing table could be just right for evoking further Regency vibes in your boudoir.

Country Living advises that “if you’re strapped for cash, spruce up a desk you already own with some off-white paint. Simply add a statement mirror and it will look as good as brand new.”

Choose the right window coverings 

You’ve got a delightfully large amount of choice here, as curtains, blinds, draperies and even just swathes of lacy fabric are all good for a Regency theme.

Whatever window dressings you do choose, though, apt colours for them can include pastels like pale blues, greens and yellows. Alternatively, you could select a classic floral or botanical print for your window coverings.

Create ambience with a few finishing touches 

Even if you lack any fireplace in your home, you could give it ambience through the use of strategically chosen candles.

A lavender candle could instil calmness, while a wood-fire-scented candle can give you the smell of a crackling fire if not the sight of it.

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