What Are the Colours That Will Define Autumn 2015’s Fashion?

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Fashion is always changing – that is one of the things that makes it such an interesting thing to follow. Whether a style is completely new, or a reinvention of a style from the past, there are always new things to experiment with and add to our own individual wardrobes. One of the things that is always important as fashion moves from one season to the next is the key colour palette for the season in question. You may or may not know that there is a colour institute, named Pantone, who release a special palette of ten colours each season that are intended to define the mood of that season in terms of style. These colours are the inspiration for lots of things, from designer fashion through to the clothes you see on the high street, and other things too like interior design, and even things like wrapping paper and stationery!

The colour palette for the current season – fall 2015 – is a really nice one for clothes, and here we are going to take a deeper look at it and some of its key shades.

‘An Evolving Colour Landscape’ – The Pantone Colours for the New Season

Of course, while fall 2015 has only just gotten into full swing, the colours have been available for a long time now, and were seen in the fashion weeks for this season quite some time ago. Like all of Pantone’s palettes, it has a name that describes the feel of the colours, and that name is ‘An Evolving Color Landscape‘. These are colours that are intended to remind you of natural things, but not necessarily in the way you might expect. Rather than earthy browns and green, here are colours that are evocative of precious stones, stormy seas, and autumn skies. It is a palette that has some key neutrals, including a buff and two greys, and some interesting brights, including a pale purple, a soft pink, a salmon orange, and a gorgeous teal. These are all underpinned by Pantone’s colour of the year which has appeared in all of the 2015 palettes – Marsala, which is a winey brownish red.

Let’s look in more detail at a few of the most interesting colours in the set of 10:




Amethyst is a beautiful colour inspired, of course, by the semi precious stone of the same name. Jewel colours are often key in fall and winter palettes, and in this case, it is the light yet rich purple of the amethyst that is making its way into our wardrobes. This is a gorgeous colour for evening wear, and can also add a more delicate touch to clothes in the more serious colours from the palette like Stormy Weather – a deep blue gray. The blue tones in both shades work well together but by adding a scarf or other soft accessory in amethyst, the foreboding feel of Stormy Skies can be offset to create a more feminine look.

Cadmium Orange


This pinky orange, a little brighter than a standard salmon pink, is one of the most striking colours in the palette. Perhaps the most daunting to wear at first glance, it is actually very flattering, and can add a touch of playfulness when used in conjunction with other autumn 2015 colours in a print, or again as a pop of colour on a more neutral based outfit. Of course, there is no reason not to go all out and wear a block of this shade on a top or dress, either!

Biscay Bay


Biscay Bay is a dark yet vibrant teal, which fits the autumnal theme of the palette wonderfully without being too earthy or featureless. It is a great unisex colour and in womenswear, looks beautiful in luxury fabrics, especially those with a sheen like satin, silk and taffeta.



The king color for 2015, Marsala is what this year has been defined by in design, and when it is such a great colour, we’ll be sad to see it leave us as next year’s colour comes in! Marsala has been great for boho festival fashion all summer, and is going to be equally good for holiday party dresses when winter rolls around, but for fall, wear it in luxury knit wear and include it in the casual outfits you wear to go and kick up the leaves!

As always, Pantone have summed up the design for the season perfectly with their ten great shades for autumn 2015.

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