Which Room In The House Should You Make Over Next?

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We all strive to be proud of our house and any proud home-owner surely always has half a mind on changing, decorating or making-over a room. But how many of us have the spare cash sitting around to renovate the whole house all at once? I guess most of us would answer no to that question? So the big question is which room should we prioritise?

Which Room Has Been Neglected The Longest?

An obvious question is, are any of the rooms in your house not been decorated or made over for a long time? If the answer is yes then you might want to think about tackling that room as a priority. Although this strategy makes sense it’s not an automatic choice, unless you have one of the worst rooms in the world, but barring that kind of disaster you may have a room that, yes is needing updated, but you don’t really use that often or isn’t seen by guests, such as utility room or laundry room. So maybe choose the longest neglected room but be aware of what value this room has to you.

So How Do I Choose?

Well that is really the big question here, where is most important to you, is it the living room, where you want to present a really loving space for your family, or a relaxing welcoming area to invite your guests in? There are many ways to redo a living room so take some inspiration if you’re choosing this room. Or what about your kitchen, meals and food are such an integral part of family life, the dinner table is where you share info about your days and some of the funniest and warmest family memories take place at dinner so why not think about various ideas you could have for new kitchens. Other ideas include bedrooms, the space you sleep in is actually the room you’ll spend most time in throughout your life, it’s not surprising when you think about it, if your bedroom is not relaxing then your sleep will suffer, so it’s perhaps a wise investment in your health and well-being.

But What If I Decide To Move House In a While?

This is a legitimate question, and one we should think about, but also be mindful that we have to enjoy the space we live in and not always be thinking about the next move or a few moves or years down the line, good advice is to love the house your’re in, if you don’t stop and enjoy the here and now and the moments happening in your life currently you will miss them and they will pass you by! But that being said keeping up with modern trends and ensuring your home is presentable will ensure a higher re-sell value on the property when you do eventually come to move on.

So have a good think and plan well so that when you next can afford a bit of decorating you aren’t having to revisit the room that was last done. Best of luck and plan well to get that perfect new room.

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