5 ways to make your room unique. Design around your personality!

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Everyone wants to decorate their home in a unique and stylish fashion that reflects their own personality and is also impressive to all your friends, family and neighbours. This guide will give you 5 great tips on how to make a living space your own, be different from everyone else while keeping one eye on the budget. You will want to stand out from the crowd so follow these great tips and your room will look amazing.

Rearrange the Room

Rearranging the layout of the room or the art of Feng Shui as it is often called is key to starting to make your room unique, if the layout is wrong then all the other ideas are going to become much more difficult. You want to give the room the correct flow and not seem cluttered or off theme, making it seem a breathable, relaxing place.

Buy Art From Local or Independent Artists

Buying original art need not be expensive, there are countless local and independent artists selling their work in galleries, workshops and cafe’s and not always at a huge price, so shop around and you will surely find something you love and is also unique. If buying original work is out of your budget or even just too time-consuming you can always buy prints form independent artists and there are plenty of excellent sites that display a wide variety or artists and styles such as this site selling great art prints for a reasonable price and with the nature of the internet you can source artists work from all over the world.

Build Your Own Furniture

This is not as difficult as you might think, building your own furniture can be fun, it teaches you new skills and save you a bundle of cash! You can come up with your own designs or simply follow some plans you can find for free online such as this guide to furniture projects. Take your time, make sure you don’t rush and have the correct materials and anyone can do this.

Paint a Mural on The Wall

This idea might sound a bit daunting at first but there is plenty helpful hints and tips and guides out there online, such as this adequately titled ¨How to Paint a Mural article. So, once you’ve clued yourself up on the techniques the sky (or the ceiling at least) is literally the limit! So, use your imagination, think about your own passions and make that wall yours.

Use Lighting Creatively

Using lighting effectively will enhance and brighten the room making the key features stand out more. There are many home guides that give tips on lighting as stated in this article lighting can make a significant impact on the outlook of your home and this advice is not wrong. If you have art highlight, recessed areas might need brought out and overall remember not too harsh or bright a tone should be used when designing the lighting. Remember more can be less too but generally make the lighting fit the space you have, there is no one rule to fit all spaces.

So best of luck on your room but if you follow this advice it’s sure to be a success.

If you would like further painting tips – including avoiding mess when you are painting, Property Workshop have another online resource.

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