Why Green Is Having A Home Decor Moment & How You Can Incorporate It Into Your Space

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A crowd of everyday people are increasingly embracing the cries from environmentalists for people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Fortunately, interior designers have taken it upon themselves to drive this vision in the home décor arena.

Indeed, there is a need to reduce the environmental footprint from our interior design moves and going green is the way forward.

Luckily, this move isn’t so difficult. Be it your room, or kitchen, you can choose to upgrade in an eco-friendly way while enjoying various advantages. On the one hand, you are doing good to the immediate environment and reducing the impact on the planet. On the other hand, you will reduce your waste, minimize consumption … and save!

Of course, the ideal would be to rebuild your house by following the principles of bio-architecture, taking care to use eco-friendly options including the choice of materials and the use of natural resources to ultimately improve the world at large. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to start from the scratch and rebuild.

However, you have the option of living a sustainable lifestyle, living healthier and being responsible to the planet, even without significant effort. Below are different ways you can incorporate eco friendly design into your space.

Opt for LED lighting

The advantages of LED bulbs are immediately crystal clear. Although their initial price is a bit higher, but LED bulbs help you save up to 90% more than old incandescent bulbs. Their benefits do not stop in the economy department, the LED is known for its perfect performance and its aesthetic advantages – so many choices of design to install, for example. As such, LED is a great tool to save money, give a new touch to your home and also help the environment.

Buy Appliances With The Right Energy Ratings

Speaking of devices, it is good to make a note on home appliances. In fact, a large part of the average household consumption of households is precisely due to washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. from companies that don’t follow eco-friendly standards. When choosing your new washing machine or refrigerator, check the energy class: A +, A ++ and A +++ are the most energy-efficient because they guarantee greater savings, both in economic terms and ecological.

Use Ecological Detergents

Even the way you clean your house can have an impact on the environment. Choose ecological detergents obtained from 100% vegetable raw materials. If you have free time and want to have fun, you can also try one of the DIY recipes for green detergents.

Plant Flowers

A suitable and simple way to incorporate an eco friendly design is by planting flowers. Use the flowers as decorations in your home instead of making use of the synthetic decorations. Flowers provide oxygen and they detoxify harmful chemical from the air.

Make Use Of Furniture Made From Natural Materials

To make your home eco friendly, you need to do away with the plastic chairs and table. Instead, go for the wooden chairs and tables. Furniture made from wood is sustainable and recyclable.

Allow Sunlight

You should also ensure that there is enough room for light to enter into your house. Avoid using thick materials such as cotton which can reduce penetrance.

ConclusionGreen home décor is hot in the developed world. If you are not sure what green interior design feature to incorporate into your space, you can search with interior design near me to find a professional do the job for you. If you are from Los Angeles, you can choose from interior design firms Los Angeles. Seeking professional help is always good if you can do that within your budget.

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