Will you be reeled in by these online Slots?

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When it comes to playing Slots, online or otherwise, the epicentre of the action is always the reels. Whether that’s symbols, bonus icons or expanding wilds – the reels are certainly where your potential prizes will lurk! 

Don’t believe us? Hop on over to https://games.paddypower.com/ and have your pick from a whole host of different slot games! Sound like a bit too much work? Well not to worry, as we’ve scoured the catalogue of games for some of the best in show. Read on to find out more.

Mystery Reels

Set across five reels and five paylines, Mystery Reels is a fresh take on everything that we know and love about Slots. Instead of the regular selection of symbols and layout that we’re used to, the reels in this game are filled to the brim with casino dice. You will also find a joker card icon, which represents the game’s wild and has the ability to cover any dice on the reels, creating even more winning combinations. In terms of the scatter, you’ll find a golden casino chip, which helps transport you into free spin rounds where it’s all to play for! 

You can also use the scatter symbol to unlock the bonus feature, which will take you onto a side game where you’ll need to flip over casino chips in an attempt to reveal three matching symbols. Bag that identical trio and you’ll have your pick from a range of seven different prizes such as win multipliers and free spins.

Reel Heist

Get ready to fight for justice with this fast-paced slot, filled with cops and robbers for a guaranteed adventure! Emerge yourself in vibrant cartoon-style graphics as you spin the reels for a chance at a grand multiplier worth up to 2,000x your first bet.

To get the biggest prize in this game you’ll want to roll in the robbers at appear on the wanted posters at the side of the screen. They’ll pop-up randomly throughout your gameplay, each holding their own monetary reward. As well as this, if you spot the cop chasing a thief across the reels then you’ll know you’re in for some extra fun, as this action will then trigger the bonus wilds. If the law-enforcer catches his fugitive then you’ll receive a randomised multiplier.  

In terms of symbols, the police badge acts as the highest paying symbol in this game, boasting the ability to dish out up to 1,000x your first wager. You can also win slightly smaller prizes by rolling in combinations of the hat, the handcuffs and the sunglasses symbols – so keep your eyes peeled!

Reels of Egypt

Save on the air fare and go to Egypt with this sandy planed slot, as with just one spin of the reels you’ll be face to face with the gran pyramids! The action takes place across three rows, three reels and five paylines, with a handy bonus reel running up the side of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to trigger bonuses and earn multipliers that could take your prize pot up to three times bigger!

Pyramids and Ankhs represent the highest paying symbols on the reels, rewarding you when you roll in a minimum of three of a kind. Have a go at aforementioned bonus game and you could walk away with a prize worth up to 1,000x your bet! 

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