Worldschooling: Is It Right For Your Family?

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There are a lot of ways to go for an alternative education for children. The most adventurous, though, is to worldschool them.

Any type of alternative schooling, whether it is homeschooling, or even unschooling is a deep commitment, but worldschooling is probably tops the list. 

The basic premise is that you travel the world in a nomadic style and educate your children by means of the travel itself. In other words, the children will learn by being exposed to different languages and cultures.

If you love travel and adventure and are looking for a unique education for your children then check out this guide to get you started.

Where to go

The idea is that you aren’t tied down to one place and the more you move the more you’ll get out of the experience. So, you aren’t just choosing one place. You are choosing several while being intentional about each location.

You may spend a year or more in each location, but there likely will be several on the agenda.

The first thing to look for is safety. You’re responsible for your family’s health and safety and some places in this world may not be well suited to this lifestyle. If you were single maybe it would be ok. When you are traveling with your family, look into this list of Safest Countries in the World

Then, make sure that there is good infrastructure as you’ll need access to the internet. Also, when deciding to move on, pick someplace that won’t require long haul flights. It is expensive and can take the fun out of travel for the kids. 

Homeschool vs World School

Every parent is different and every child is different so the way these labels are applied is going to vary.

Some worldschoolers do put their kids in school in a place they plan to live for a while. It is a good way for the kids to become bilingual and also have a network of friends locally. Some will want to label this as not the same as worldschooling. 

Then there are worldschooler that believe that if you spend too much time in one country and your kids are not in a regular school, then you are simply homeschooling.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how you decide to do it and what others think.  You can find the way that is going to work best for your ideals and how your children learn.

One thing is for sure, they are going to get much more out of this unorthodox way of teaching your kids than if you never left your home country.

Many in the world schooling sphere prefer to do unschooling. This is child led education that allows them to learn at their own pace and decide for themselves what they want to learn. In the process, they learn about other cultures, languages and cuisines and environments. 


There are of course risks involved when you are taking a different approach to educating your children. Weight the pros and cons and then you can decide what path is best for your family.

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