Pur Minerals CC cream with SPF40

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What is a CC Cream?

Def;/ Colour Control Cream (CC) was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage.

Makeup brands all over the world were going mental for BB creams last year.  A product invented in Korean, we tried to copy it here in the west with varied results.  Some were okay, some were like concrete – quite hit and miss.

So everyone went back to the drawing board and three things happened;

  • Makeup brands that did NOT jump on the initial BB cream wagon released a CC cream.  They had waited to see the effects and pros/cons of the BB cream and used this to re-market the CC cream as a better choice.  Chanel lead the way.
  • Those who had made terrible BB creams – some went back to the lab and tried to create something more wearable – rather than trying to Westernise the cream – they used the essence of why the Korean ones were so good and captured that.  So it’s BB Mark2
  • Those who already had BB creams out they were happy with, then looked at CC creams for their next “big thing”

Pur Minerals falls into the former category – they didn’t release the CC cream till the BB cream “furore” died down and people became disillusioned (very quickly I might add) with the scope of what the BB cream could do.

Why this one then?

It’s an SPF40 broad spectrum which is an excellent level of coverage for any kind of base.  Many of the Korean BB/CC creams were SPF50 however you need to remember – anything with an SPF will flashback on the camera and you will look white.  SPF’s are not recommended for evening wear.

It does 4 jobs in one – this hardworking multitasking product moisturises, brightens, primes, conceals and is an SPF foundation!

It’s available in four colours – Light for pale-ish skin, medium for fair skin, tan for olive skins and dark for middle eastern type skin tones.

I find this product, like similar BB creams – quite thick and a little more difficult to blend than perhaps a tinted primer or fluid foundation.  It has to be squeezed out of the tube so if you have very dry skin you might need to mix with a little liquid foundation.

Pur Minerals are available at Marks and Spencer but the CC cream has yet to arrive so keep your eyes peeled!

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