Big, Bold Red Wines For A Charming Autumn

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As we head into autumn, and with heavier meals gracing the table, a red wine is the perfect accompaniment to balancing strong food flavours. Reds are also known for their charm and warning properties, as well as adaptability in mulled styles.

Aldi wines
UVA Pirata Petit Verdot, Valencia, 13.5% abv
Made from a blend of compatible red grapes that combine together to bring an easy drinking glug packed with red fruit. Not as robust as the other reds on this list, due to the mild tannin present, we recommend this can easily be enjoyed on its own. Packaged in an attractive etched design bottle with metallic text on the back. £8.99 in store.

Amigo Secreto 2016, Chile, 14.0% abv
With its distinctive chocolate overtone, this wine is made from Syrah and Carignan grapes, bringing a hint of rose floral, blueberries and ripe red fruit on the palate. A rich blue read colour paves the way for a spicy bouquet laced with red pepper. Pair with robust, red meats and strong cheeses. See online for price.

Nationwide wines
Trivento Malbec Reserve 2016 Argentina, 12.5% abv
This juicy glug is full of cheerful vanilla under a lively raspberry umbrella. The evidence of oak aging (French in this case) comes through both in the palate and nose. With a smooth long finish this wine will top off most Italian pasta dishes. £6.50 – £9.00 from supermarkets.

Apothic Dark Red Blend California 2014 14% abv
In this second of our blended wines, you will enjoy a riot of flavours, including vanilla, damson, plum and a hint of coffee and chocolate. Silky and delicious on the tongue, it’s called dark for a reason. RRP £10.00.

Flagstone Writer’s Block Pinotage 2014, South Africa, 14.5% abv
Warm blackcurrant and damson palate, together with a household cupboard spice undertone, enjoy this wine with a wide range of red meats. This wine enhances the spiciness and flavour of curries. RRP around £14 from Wine Rack.

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