Bridal competition launches across the UK

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A brides wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but for the five million women in the UK who want to lose weight before heading down the aisle, the reality can be far from it.

On top of the pressure to look your best, the financial stess of affording your dream day can really get to you. A recent article in the Telegraph reported that the average wedding now costs £18,000 to organise. That’s around 68% of an average annual salary.

With this in mind, online lottery syndicate entry site Big Fat Lottos has launched a unique and entertaining competition to help brides-to-be get up and get happy before the wedding day bells start ringing.


In the Big Fat to Thin Brides competition, three entrants from across the UK will be chosen to embark on a six month weight loss journey. Along the way they will be provided with expert nutritional advice and support, receive free gym memberships and participate in creative exercise experiences, such as classes and challenges.

Each entrant will also be provided with a free video camera, which will allow them to chart their progress. This will then be posted to the official Big Fat to Thin Brides website, in their own personal video diary.

At the end of the competition period, the bride-to-be who has lost the largest percentage of her weight will be crowned the winner, and will receive a £5,000 cash prize to make her wedding day dreams come true.

According to the Telegraph article, the prize money would cover the costs of the venue, the wedding dress, shoes, hair, make up and acessories for the bridesmaids as well as decorations, flowers and the cake, with more than £400 left over. However, the bride can choose to spend her winnings on whatever wedding day essentials she chooses.

Unfortunately, entry to the Big Fat to Thin Brides competition has now closed. The three succesful entrants will be announced shortly, and you can keep up to date with the competition by visiting

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