World Malbec Day Wines from Morrisons

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World Malbec Day took place on Wednesday 17th April. For those of you unaware of this tradition, it is a tribute to the Argentinian Domingo Faustino Sarminto who made it his mission to transform the Argentinian wine industry in the mid nineteenth century after he tasked the French soil expert Michel Aimé Pouget, to import new vines. You guessed it – Malbec featured among the newbies. Thereafter Sarmiento went on to become president and Malbec Argentina’s most popular grape (1).

Malbec grapes originated in the South West French region of Cahors but is now grown around the world.More than 30 cities around the world (coordinated by the Foreign Affairs Office of Argentina) hosted events around Malbec, Argentinean food and lifestyle (2). You’ll be pleased to know you won’t have to go far to sample this delicious weighty grape. Checkout Morrison for any of the following wines.

La Consulta Reserva Malbec
750ml RRP £9.99: Send your tastebuds into a tango with this classy spicy red fruit and a touch of oak. This top-pedigree Reserva wine gets its flavours from intense Malbec grapes courtesy of the famous Mendoza province. Pairs up easily against a quality steak. Taste Test profile 10 – Intense

La Consulta Malbec Rose 750ml RRP £6.99: This vibrant rose feels like a dry but the cherry and raspberry bursts have just enough sweetness not to overpower. Argentinian wine-making at its most fun, this fruit-laden pink is a wonderful tipple and drinks like ‘bottled summer’. Taste Test profile 4 – Fresh


Luis Felipe Edwards Private Cellars Malbec
750ml RRP currently £4.99 from £7.49: This smooth Malbec has soft blackberry and plum flavours and hints of pepper, making it the perfect partner for steak. Simple. Taste Test profile 7 – Smooth

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