Chemi-cosmetics? Here’s ‘New Look’ Beauty Treatments For You!

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Have chemists and pharmacies previously left you feeling unromantic as a front for selling cosmetics? Would you rather see only the fancy packaging and marketing, or the lush models on billboard posters before you decide which beauty cream or shampoo to buy?

If so, forget that! Here’s where John Bell and Croyden come in. Established in the UK since 1958, they are a pharmaceutical company based in the heart of central London who specialise in beauty and health products with a difference. You see they’re are all about ethnically sourced and responsible products, which they sell direct to the public without all the glossy hype traditionally associated with today’s beauty products.

John Bell and Croyden’s representatives will explain what goes into the products and how some of them can be tailor made for you! Admittedly the store resembles more of a pharmacy and lacks the glam of a cosmetics counter but that only reinforces how seriously John Bell and Croyden takes their game. In fact they’re pharmacists to HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

The company recently showcased sixteen new brands via an open day which allowed Simply Woman (among others) to view and try their products. Their wares included gift sets which we’ll bring you information on in time for Christmas.

John Bell and Croyden is London’s oldest and largest pharmacy. They understand beautifully skin can’t be achieved by topical skin care alone but by a holistic approach that included pharmaceutical knowledge.

Here are our best picks –

Dermaviduals – the name says it all. Futuristic bespoke dermatological skin care based on your own skin profile. Dermavidual’s prescriptions penetrate skin more effectively than traditional creams, West end retail exclusive!

Free-from skin unfriendly ingredients such as glycols, urea, D.E.A, PABA an other synthetic sunscreens they have produced the world’s first cleansing oil which is 100% natural.

Their step smoothing system is the first ever home treatment kit for a Brazilian Blow Dry. Its 100% formaldehyde free ingredients eliminates up to 80% frizz. This product is safe to use for pregnant women.

Together Health Drinks – fruit smoothies with botanical extracts and potent supplements. Free from all artificial ingredients, Together contains only sugar found naturally in the fruit
Other products include deep penetrating collagen based solutions for lines and wrinkles, and products that activate the renewal of damaged skin cells.

Bionutri is a professional 35 years of expertise contributed to by naturopaths and scientists. Their range of skincare products include Pomaxin Pomegranate oil, which contains pomegranate, a world renowned digestive health aid.

All products can be bought in store or ordered online. For more information go to

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