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Their description:

Eau de Lacoste, the spirit of Lacoste in a feminine fragrance that captures the simple sensuality of delicate flowers.  Modern, iconic and breathtakingly simple that captures the playful and sensual spirit of the brand.


Ella, 22 (Simply Woman administrator) reviews;

I have to agree with them, it is a delicately sweet fragrance that has become my favourite!

I tried this out yesterday; I was getting ready to go on a lunch date with the special man in my life and decided I’d wear it to see what he thought. So off I go. Now he’s already there when I get there and as I lean in to say hello I’m surprised to say that A) He noticed a change in my usual fragrance and B) the first words coming out of his mouth weren’t “hello darling” or something along those lines, they were infact “ooohhh you smell nice, what is that?” with a particular glint in his eye! No joke!

I for one really love this product and as I said earlier it has become my favorite fragrance to wear. I would definatly give it a 5* rating


Sarah, 34 (Simply Woman Editor) reviews;

This is a soft and crisp fragrance – perfect for a springtime evening or lunch with the girls.  It would be an ideal office fragrance – but lends itself well to spritzing on after a lunchtime gym session to wear back to the office.  It’s easy to wear – non intrusive, soft and alluring.  I love the detail of the bottle – the lid reminds me of the fabric of a crisp white tennis shirt and the little feminine touches of pink ribbon round the lid and the little Lacoste embossed disc all give this fragrance a much more expensive feel than other sporty brands.

EDP 30ml – £33

EDP 50ml – £45

EDP 90ml – £61

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