FlirtFinder exposes the most tight-fisted male daters in the UK

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Male daters from Bolton are less willing to splash the cash in the search for love, according to FlirtFinder

Mobile dating service, has revealed that Bolton boys are the most stingy when it comes to romance.  According to the results, they are only happy to pay to respond to one in four messages implying that they would rather keep their wallets tightly sealed.


Based on the 1.2 million conversations that have been initiated by the female members of FlirtFinder, the results revealed that the lads of Llandridnod in Wales reply to over half of the messages that they receive from women, suggesting that they are happy to invest a few pennies in the search for their perfect partner.


Justin Battell, managing director of FlirtFinder says, “When we looked at the differences in how our members use FlirtFinder, we found the areas where the men are most receptive bears no relationship to how affluent that region is.”


“There also doesn’t appear to be any evidence of a north and south divide, or any truth in commonly cited regional stereotypes, as the tightest and most generous areas include towns from all over the UK.”


The results are based on the probability of male members buying a message credit and replying to a woman who has contacted them directly.


FlirtFinder is a pay as you go mobile dating service where members buy credits only when they need them, rather than charging a recurring monthly subscription fee.


For more information on FlirtFinder, or to become a member, please visit:


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  3. joey

    December 19, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    My now ex partner is on flirtfinder just to pray on vulnerable single women. With a false date of birth.

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