Let’s Hear It For Maison Blanc – Thirty Years of French Cuisine At Its Finest!

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Maison Blanc is the authentic French Boulangerie and Pâtisserie originally opened in Oxford in 1981 by master chef Raymond Blanc. The chain, now numbering 14 outlets in the southeast of England, offers French breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they pride themselves on baking their goods on site. Maision Blanc is part of KFG Restaurants Ltd.

Just over a week ago Maison Blanc celebrated their 30th birthday, hosted by their Fulham Road store – 30 years of serving the British public artisan bread, delicately textured cakes, generously filled savouries all the way up to full-on hearty meals.

As we at Simply Woman enjoyed champagne and canapés, we were educated by staff who’d witnessed the company’s growth over the years through thick and thin.

In honour of their new patisiere Alex Gresset who trained in the Institut National de la Boulangerie Patisserie, Normandy, Maison Blanc revealed their special honey, lemon and lavender sponge encased in white icing, finished handsomely with charming and elegant designs.


Naturally Maison Blanc chose the pearl to symbolise their 30th anniversary, and to that end they created pearlised macaroons with exotic flavours such as lavender, blood orange, caramel, raspberry, white chocolate and pink Champagne.

These celebratory treats make a great gift or souvenir and will be available at all 14 Maison Blanc restaurants for £8.40 for six.

Some delights you can expect to sample this season are –

Praline and Dark Chocolate Buche – a scrumptious base of rich chocolate sponge enveloped with feuillentine and chocolate chabon, topped with a generous layer of dark chocolate and praline mousse. Lovingly spray finished with dark chocolate!

Lemon & cinnamon roulade – a in traditional French style with light vanilla and delicate lemon cream, rolled and smothered with spiced buttercream, white chocolate shavings and icing sugar.

Last but not least is the Christmas Fruit Cake- a blonde delight comprising mixed fruit and nuts, demerara sugar and a thin layer of sweet marzipan. All these are sealed off with regal icing. This product can be pre-ordered.

And a li’l extra – This Hallowe’en why not spook up your life with offerings as Witches Brew Tart and Spooktacular Framboisier or Coffin Cheesecake?

Look out for these and much more on www.maisonblanc.co.uk and tweet about them on @mmemaisonblanc.

· Maison Blanc Fulham is at 303 Fulham Road, London SW10 9QH

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