Sun protection skincare – perfect for skiing

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Battling the winter elements is hard on your skin but add into that high altitude UV, windburn and double minus figures and you have a recipe for blotchy, red, raw and sensitive skin.  It’s imperative when you ski that you create a barrier between your skin and the elements.  Traditional sun lotions are heavy on your skin and although create a barrier, aren’t really pleasant to use on the face.

Enter the new generation of skincare for sun protection.  All of these brands offer something special in terms of skincare/anti-aging benefits so not only keeping your skin protected from the sun but reversing some of the signs of aging too.

Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face SPF15



Not a very high SPF so we’d recommend layering this under some BB cream but a lovely lightweight, easily applied lotion which veers closer to skincare than to suncare.  This formulation claims to prevent sun induced age spots and requires frequent application so isn’t ideal if you just want to pop on in the morning and head out for the day.  The packaging is portable with a snap shut lid and isn’t too bulky so easy enough to carry in a pocket.  The skincare behind Clarins is present within the formula so you know you are getting good quality versus a standard sun protection lotion.

£16.70 for 75ml 

Skinceuticals Brightening UV Defense SPF30



I love this product – the packaging size is perfect for transporting around the pistes in your pocket and the screw cap means no leakage too 🙂  It’s an SPF 30 so not mega, mega high but there’s much chatter about the uber high spf’s not being that useful anyway.  If you want to block the sun, buy a zinc blocking agent.  You know the look – white stripes under eyes and on noses!   Brilliantly absorbed, this would be perfect under a day foundation like a BB cream or similar – creating yet another layer of SPF and barrier to the elements.  This would also make an amazing city base – right before moisturiser to really get the protection over the epidermis before any other product is applied.

Eve Taylor Moisturising Solar Shield SPF25



This one is noted for being “medium protection” so perhaps not ideal for super sunny days or into spring time but for overcast days this would offer great moisturising power as it contains sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter and natural silicones to seal in moisture and create that all important barrier.   Contains Avobenzone as a full spectrum solar shield and the active ingredients protect against UV induced pigmentation, sun spots and age spot formation.  It has a thicker formulation than the previous two but absorbs in very well so you barely even notice it.

£11.59 for 50mls

Ultrasun Face SPF50+ + Anti-pigmentation



Last year I used the “once a day” formula of Ultrasun in SPF50 in very strong springtime sunshine and was skiing all day – it was astoundingly good and didn’t have a scrap of burn.  This one has no perfume, mineral oils, emulsifiers or preservatives and is water resistant so is ideal for using in sweaty conditions as it won’t irritate your skin.  It is designed for ultra sensitive skin but also to target pigmentation and aging and the fact it is made in Switzerland only adds to the high quality of the ingredients!    This is a much thicker more traditional feeling sun tan lotion so it would really be fine on it’s own, I wouldn’t be putting makeup over the top  as it still feels a little tacky after application.  This the most protective of all the lotions reviewed here.

£32 for 50ml

Institut Esthederm Into Repair High Protection Anti-Wrinkle Cream



Designed for skin that is intolerant or hyper-reactive to the sun – this high end clinical product contains oxybenzone to allow shielding from the sub but slowly allows it to become accustomed to the sun.  Institut Esthederm take a more curative approach to sun exposure – rather than completely blocking it all the time you are encouraged to build your resistance to it.

Curative and preventive approaches
• Two weeks prior to vacation: apply cream once a day.
• First three days of sun exposure : apply cream every hour.
• Fourth through seventh day : apply cream every two hours.

£55 for 50ml

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