Luxsit Skincare – Swedish Organic Skincare

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OK we know the Swedish are awesome at flatpacked furniture, glamorous blondes and clothing mecca H&M but did you know this beautiful range of organic skincare also comes from Sweden’s shores?

Luxsit is a gorgeous organic skincare range from Sweden.  Currently launching in the UK with two hero products – the Revitalize Facial Cream -£43 – (with blackberry leaf extract and blackcurrant oil) and the Revitalize Eye Cream – £29 – (with horse chestnut and pomegranate) available to purchase online at

The Revitalize Facial Cream;

A super, lightweight formula moisturiser that smells utterly delicious and settles into the skin very nicely to leave you looking refreshed.  I love using this moisturiser after waking up in the morning or after a long day driving/shopping/housework as it gives me a “pick up”.  The combination of the scent, the yummy organic ingredients and the feeling on the skin just brings a sense of wellbeing and revitalization!  This product is also designed to deal with the first signs of aging – those fine lines that start to appear.  The various plant oils/vitamins and antioxidants promote the elasticity of the skin while the blackberry leaf prevents collagen degradation and the linolenic acid with the blackcurrant oil binds to the inner layers of the skin to preserve moisture.

Revitalize Eye Cream

The eye cream is also light and refreshing, it’s a pleasant formula to place in the delicate eye area.  The horse chestnut is a bit of a wonder ingredient here as it counteracts swelling around the eye and minimises those horrid puffies.   It also reduces the appearance of crows feet and capillary damage.


10 things Sweden is renowned for;




Famous Swedes – Pippi Longstocking, Bjorn Borg, Roxette, Greta Garbo

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series

Absolut Vodka

Volvo & Saab cars

The Vikings!

Ice hotels

Sweden is the world’s third biggest exporter of music after the US and the UK


Luxsit Fact Sheet

Founded by Jenny Kärner

She has a masters degree in biomedicine

Contains NO No synthetic fragrances and colors, petroleum derived products (parafines, peg, -propyl-, -alkyl-, etc.) or silicone oils and derivatives

All ingredients are biodegradable

All products are 100% Vegan

Luxsit also creates a hotel line – would love to stay in a hotel where this is available!

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